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    Weight Loss
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 The past has belonged to your children &  family. Let's make the future more about a  positive new you. Weight loss can lead to  better health.   

Our physician Dr. Charles Brentnall & staff has for years helped patients with their appearance & health. They will guide you on a path to help you meet your goals. 

For those who would like a "jump-start" with weight loss, lipotropics can do just that. The term lipotropic literally means "fat loving". Aside from assistance with weight loss these agents help with motivation & exercise tolerance.  

 Diet/Lifestyle suggestions

Lifestyle change, weight loss, & exercise can lead to better health.


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To help with accountability and motivation, our nurses will weigh you every 1-2 weeks (excluding holidays). We commit to helping you meet your goals. Also, our caring staff are there to assist in keeping you on the right track.

Behavioral Change

Many americans have discovered walking or running as a mental getaway to "recharge" or relax. If you desire alternate activities, aerobics are a very good choice to help you achieve your goals.

This will be a great time to try something new for a positive you.

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